Wednesday, 6 May 2009


so this is my first blog.
not sure how to start it, 
but i guess i just did.
the only reason i've created a blog was because of raji (: (my favourite 'little obese 12 year old kid looking for fun').
she's not actually 12
or obese
or looking for fun.

actually maybe the last one.

anywayyy. i have a headache and i've had a bad day :|
my bag broke just when i was feeling sad.
but i'm hopefully seeing Coraline this weekend so all's good (:

this post probably make it seems like i have a really uninteresting life. maybe i do, but i like it (:

things coming up:
maybe london clothes show?
summer ball
june - birthday!
july - lal & wak's birthday
14th july - MICHAEL JACKSON at the O2
18th July - london comic con (mega geek out)
2nd august - underage festival
4th august - cyprus

and theres loads of stuff in between that i think ive forgotten about :/

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