Sunday, 31 May 2009


you know what, you only get one life (unless of course you're some superhuman mutant) so why spend it being miserable?
i understand some people have a right to be sad when they're lives/health/etc aren't too good, but other people need to stop worrying about the little things.
i don't eat crappy junk food, i actually eat pretty healthy, and i would like to be slimmer/more toned. but i only get one life, why should i spend it eating stuff i won't enjoy like a celery stick?
i'll eat chocolate cake because it makes me happy.

and this isn't one of those 'omgz i intend to live every day to da fullestttt' things
because lets face it; that is pretty impossible.

but i do intend to make sure whatever i do in my life makes me happy.
that's why i think it would be cool to become a travelling gypsy!

these ideals will probably change when i grow out of my 'crazy-dreamer-teenager' stage btw.

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