Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Today we took Mia to the vets.
There was the biggest white dog there EVER.
it probably could have eaten Mia up if it was rabid.

Anyway, the vet checked Mia's chip thing for his temperature but it was higher than it should have been so he tried it the old fashioned way. yes, i'll let you use your imaginations.
Then Mia had an injection,
then a worming tablet.

as you can tell, Mia wasn't very happy.

Also, apparently because Mia is white and has pink ears and nose, he is very prone to sunburn!
we laughed at first but apparently it's really serious so we have to put sunscreen on his ears!

that should be fun (:

Anyway, My mum moved Mia's normal sleeping blanket-thing so that made him even more upset, then when he jumped on my chair, he hit his head on the table.

i think i can safely say, it's not Mia's day.

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