Wednesday, 10 June 2009


i don't have enough money to go to the cinema seen as everyone decided to be born in june/july.
anyway, tomorrow i'm popping into Lal's to give her her (probably half stale :/) cake-thing and going to Tescos to buy more eggs and butter seen as i've used them all up.

i never thought I would say this but im pretty ready to start my A2 now.
I've watched way too much day-time TV (mainly jeremy kyle (Y)) and have tried baking sponge cakes once again.
i tried it twice today, both times; FAILED.

anyway, tomorrow i have aaaaaalllllll day to try.
i also started to do a stop-frame animation thing today.
about a creature wanting to be an orange.
exciting huh?
well i know for sure that mala, sarah, raji and (maybe) kelsey will like it.

and i haven't decided what to paint onto my denim shirt yet, i'm either going to make it american roadtrip/traveller/hippy van themed orrr Alice in wonderland themed.
doesn't help that i'm one of the worst decision makers. Ever.



  1. OMG! Its sooo true.
    You included! Goshh

    Haha I wanna see the animation tingg :)

    AND My vote goes to Alice In Wonderland theme; get us in the mood ;)

  2. lol once ive finished editing the animation i'll send it to you (:
    just remember, it's not THE BEST.

    and yeahh im swaying more to alice atm (: