Wednesday, 10 June 2009

weird dream

Today i woke up at 9:20 instead of 7/8 for the first time in aaages!
i think it was because i had one of the weirdest dreams.
and i remember it pretty clearly:
We (& when i say 'we', i'm not sure who i was with but there were other people) were in a park.
like a really big park.
it was so big, every time we went there we would only be able to go round half of it.
but it was really nice and green
and there were random green cages with like skate-park-type-things and little playgrounds in.
In one there was a wall where a boy was graffiti-ing something like 'free the world' (well it had 'free' and 'world' in it :/)
Anyway, at the end there was a a roller coaster ride.
it was really cool, it was shiny and had different parts to it.
so we went on that and it was like i was actually on it, going through it.
and then we got off and it was the next day.
In some other part of the park there was a big building and it had quite a few people in.
And there was this man who said someone wants to kill his dog or something like that.
and he had a son and i can't remember what happened next but i think the csi's (yes, i watched csi the night before which probably influenced it) told him that it's not true and that HE was the bad guy (something like that).
and then he was on the edge of the building, and i think he was going to jump but then didn't and then he fell and everybody was like :o!
but then he landed on another floor of the building, kinda like a car park.
and we went on the roller coaster again, and it was more scary again but then again more fun. 
and yeah i think that's where it finished.
can't remember anymore.

maybe it was because i had too much sugar the day before.