Tuesday, 4 August 2009

all my bags are packed, i'm ready to go...

but not yet, we're leaving at 4,
so i have time to watch Art School Confidential which just came through the post!
i'll miss you guys
but i'll bring you back a grain of sand each (:
i'll might text you on results day
arf arf
have fun kids!

btw, last night the sky was so beautiful!
and i seem to be the only one that thinks it's pretty amazing that the sky is one of the one things that every single living thing has in common, we all live under it.


  1. bye bye yasminnnn! hope you have a lovly hol :D ..oo mayb your com back with another gold earing lool ;)..yaay grain of sand!

    and yes the sky is preti awsome..dont you wish you could be a bird somtimes :P

    bye mother! xx

  2. oh no not the gold earring! lol

    hey, didn't you know? i am a bird ;)

  3. By YASmin! Hope thou has a great time! and get me some Cyprus air back! and then i'll trade yoou with some media Air!

  4. Byee byee wolff :(
    I'm going to miss you Bruce
    Hope you have the most amazinggg time
    Be safe, take lots of pictures, think of me, have funnn :) :) :)
    Enjoy yourself!!

    And. You know I think the sky is the most beautiful thing ever. Agreed there

  5. http://whatrajwants.blogspot.com/2009/08/kssk-i-miss-you.html