Saturday, 5 September 2009

conversation killer

In Cyprus -
turkish man - "you like the disco music?"
me - "erm, not really, i like rock."
turkish man - :| .............................

my amazing conversation skillzz.

so i've come to the conclusion that the majority of turkish men in Cyprus only seem to go to 'Disco!' as a source of fun.
& that liking rock music is severely disappointing (?!).


  1. Lol I think he just knew that you were to hardcore in your rock ways for him, and he'd only just end up with his heart broken.
    I've been there
    I sympathise with this disco dude

  2. lolz poor guy he wasnt even in wid a chance wit the yameista!.. i fink i shud of been there THEN i cud have shown him my kool "disco' dance moves :D sure he wud b thrilled!