Thursday, 17 September 2009

Movie moment TWO

To set the Scene; Mala, Sarah and me are sitting in the canteen, the boy sarah likes is on the table right behind us, akbar comes in (doesn't sit, just stands) and we all conversate but then...

Akbar: I'm wearing my checkered maths shirt! the grid on it is like the grid on the maths paper!

bearing in mind he said this loud enough that the boy sarah likes could probably hear him, sarah got unbelievably embarrassed due to the geekyness of the conversation that ensued. I, consequently, find this hilarious.

sorry sarah!


  1. Actually in hysterics
    Thats "jokess"
    Theres a boy that Sarah likes that I don't know abouttt?!?!?!

  2. who is this?
    does this mean i edge her out in the teacher competition :p

  3. LMAO >.< i wubb akbar and your lil gay geekiness x

  4. lmao o guys!
    our lives are like a series of movie moments JOKES
    i reli do wonder hw many times i get embaarerd and go all red in day at 6th form lol