Sunday, 6 September 2009


i realised this blog consists of:
- random images of male models, movie stills, cool people, random findings (clothes etc) & just plain random things.
- films. films i've seen, films i'm watching and films i want to see. sorry for the overload.
- song lyrics - but cool song lyrics so it's alright (:
- other daily updates of pointless information like 'i went shopping' or 'i'm hungry' or 'i'm tired' but in more detail.

Although this seems to appeal to Raji, Sarah and Mala muchly so alls good (:

yesterday i watched like 2hours of Beatles stuff due to 'Beatles Week' on the BBC. twas pretty cool (:


  1. lol thats how we like it :D

  2. Lovee Beatles week (so does Belsey, double YAYS!)
    I love your blog
    It's aceeeeeeee