Tuesday, 29 September 2009

An unusual event

so, i'm happily about to turn into my house and the old man who's staying in the house next door (it's a house rented out as flats) was sitting outside.
twas unusual.
and then he says to me that he's locked out & he's been trying to call the landlord btu can't get through.
oh dear.
so he said can he come through my house to go out the back door and climb over the fence and go through his backdoor.
i don't like the thought of letting strangers in but i thought he's like...60/70/80 years old so if he tries anything i can go karateyyy on him.
so i let him through.
we're in the back garden, i say 'i don't think you'll be able to climb over the fence' - which he wouldn't have.
then he asks for a ladder, so i go and get it.
he looks over the fence on the ladder - notices the back door isn't even open. so he goes back and sits outside the front.
I close the door & stroke Mia.
then i think... he's rather old... and i don't know how long he's been out there and if he dehydrates then i'll have to call an ambulance or something and it'll all get distressing!
so i gives him a bottle of water & he says thank you very much/god bless me etc.
by this time i STILL haven't had my lunch!
so i think about lunch.
then he knocks the door again and asks to borrow the ladder to try & get in the front window (which is open)
i get the ladder
go and hold it for him cos he's like over 60 years old! things could get messy!
so he's halfway through the window (i'm very anxious for him at this point)
then his phone rings
& im like, 'your phone is ringing!'
so i pass it to him once he's out of the window.
then someone else who stays in one of the flats comes over. he's called 'viktor'.
i never knew 'viktor' lived there but apparently he does
aaaaaand he had a key.
BUT WAIT before i got to go in and have my frikin lunch the old guy (who's a doctor btw) said 'wait!'
went into his car and gave me some freebies:
2 free pens (woo!)
free samples of itchy scalp shampoo and eczma skin cream (?!?!)

anyway i went in and had my lunch.


  1. Lol aw yasmin did a good deed!
    but you shouldnt let strangers in your house, especially when your alone !
    you can use the itchy scalp shampoo on mia! that way her flees wont annoy her :)

  2. You lead an interesting life, lol like seriously. Nothing that good happens to me :( but we must rememebr whats tryly important: Freebies are freebies ^^

  3. lmao! o yasmin you goat!
    aww very hospitble of you but yeh kinda gree wit the lal bout the whole 'say no to strangers' cos if he was a bad guy then you mite hav gots hurza! :O but aw wah nice old man :)..and FREE PENS FREE PENS (& shampoosss 4 mia lool!)


  4. Lol he was like 70, she could have Thriller Danced him karate style - we discussed this.
    I, for one, am proud of you for using your kindness and helping this poor old man. One day, it just might be me sitting outside because I'm locked out of my flat and I would hope a lovely little kaninchen (OR CESC FABREGAS) would try their best to help me out.
    I do think you're all being slightly unkind. I mean, what CANT you do with two free pens, itchy scalp shampoo and eczma skin cream! That just spells out an adventure to mee :)

  5. i think worthers original wud have been a better present but maybe he had them all waiting for his key
    well done Yas though next time
    he might have an acomplice which is his grandson
    i dnt like ladders so i doubt he would lool
    but woo good deed
    good karma coming ur way :)
    wot u have for lunch?

  6. PASTA!

    aye, i'm still waiting for my good karma

    & chyeahh i'm an old man saver.

  7. Actually lol-ing ALMOST as much as when Raji stroked her own cat x