Wednesday, 2 September 2009


do people decide to make sequels which shouldn't be made!

The Hangover 2 - i'm sorry but, the hangover was brilliant, im not sure a sequel will match it.
Terminator 5 - EH NO.
POTC4 - noooooo

anyway who wants to go see 500 days of Summer? (:

6th form tomorrow,
then orthodontist consultation :(
(so i'll have to leave at like 2/2:30)


  1. ooo theres a 'Hangover 2' comin out! kwl!..u cant ever beat the first films tho :)

    TAKE ME TAKE ME..its on my list of 'films to see' lol

    aww good luck!

  2. Lol so true, why try to replicate pure genius?
    I'm up for 500 days of summer, though I doubt the invite extended to me =/