Thursday, 22 October 2009

City & Guilds

ok so we got there alright.
Sarah's map idea set off this mad man.

They made us stand in the 'garden' and spoke to us for agesss, my legs were hurting already!

Then we had the tour, and the rooms & stairways were tiny. I guess it's alright if you like that kind of thing but...yeah.

Computer room, library, casting, sculpting etc then the painting room with the cool hippy guy, OBAMA dude and the incredibly good looking blonde guy in the corner!!

Then in the print-making room. While they were talking to us i got distracted because outside the window was a man with a leaf blower & he was blowing leaves and at that moment i couldn't think of anything more exciting THAN blowing leaves around.
anyway i snapped out of my Scrubs-JD-like-dream and looked around the workshop.
Raji walked into a chair, right infront of this good-looking guy with akbar-maths-paper boxers on ;)
Nice one raji (Y) LOL

then made our way out.
turns out it isn't free for under 19s either.

So far, for all of the art college open days, the majority (not all) of people visiting have been posh, white, and female.

anyway i think we'll cross city & guilds off the list.

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