Thursday, 29 October 2009

i'm trying to do the english essay

but my notes are all over the place.
i need a day just for organising them all.
i think thats the thing with Bels, she says things as she goes along so we note them down as we go along, theres no specific order like one lesson - character, another lesson - something else.

maybe i'm wrong and just bad at taking down notes.

or maybe i'm using blogger as a distraction.


  1. TOTALLY high fiving here mate!
    and dont get nothin in bels lessons hardly..and last yr at least we had notes on paper in a bit of order..this yr NOUT :(

    i dont fink ive done the essay atall right..i just dont understand it or know what on earth to right to b frank :\

    ive done an essay but its all wrong
    havnt got the time to stress about it anymre :(

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