Monday, 5 October 2009

LOL, for mala;


Originally stemming from the movie Rush Hour
starring Jacky Chan, Juntao played the major
villain in said movie. Now, because of the frequancy
and odd tone of its use, it is now used today as a
greeting or word filler.
Kid #1: Hey, there's Mikey. "Juntao! Juntao!!"
Kid #2: "Huh? Oh, hey. How's it going?"
Kid #1: "
Kid #2: "Cool..."
Kid #1: ...
Kid #2: ... "Juntao!!!"
Kid #1: "Juntao!!!"

Derived from rush hour film it's a way of calling
someone of asian decent, someone who just looks
asian and or acts asian. can also be made plural for
a group Juntaos
Bob: hey who is that infront of you

John: I don't know they keep crossing between the lines
*passes car*
Bob: yea it was a
John: figures

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  1. LOL juntao!!!
    ow why could juntao be chinese :(
    ow well its still funny
    juntao juntao!!