Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Movie Monday

So we had a movie day, which always seems to fail because it gives the impression of watching like 4 movies in a day.
We watched one and a half.
First up it was just Lal, Sarz and myself. We decided to watch The Hangover as Lal hadn't seen it yet and it's hilarious and even though we've watched it a million times it's still funny.
We made popcorn and tea, nomnomonom.
Then Raji came around halfway through and watched the rest with us.
When it finished we made some more popcorn, sang quite a lot, actually it was like a real life musical. Sarah said we should have a 'group solo'.
And that was just her first oxymoron of the day.
Then we sat down to watch Avatar, kept having to pause due to getting into conversation about something or the other (media terminology, more singing, prank call stories, uno club, incest, the usual).
Towards the end we actually couldn't be bothered to watch the rest of Avatar, we were all either tired or ill, but the actual film was not impressive at all. I can imagine, in 3D it must be pretty good but once you strip it from that, the actual film is nothing special, it's been done before.
So then Sarz kindly washed up the rest of the dishes, Mala stroked Tiger the cat, Raji flinched when looking at it's privates and they all left.
Then i had a temperature and took some painkillers and had a nap.
Then Pepe gave me my belated birthday present which was a Lomography Diana camera!!!!! Which I've wanted for aaaagess so am very grateful, I'll blog a picture of it later.


  1. o wowww i dnt reli no what a Lomography Diana camera is BUT it sounds awsome, cant wait 4 mre explaination there bro!

  2. omg jelous of you getting that!!
    nice summary!