Thursday, 15 July 2010

Today we played Uno round Raji's house, which i infected with my germs.
I should have probably stayed at home but i've been inside for 3 days and needed some fresh air, glad i went in the end, uno was funtimes and Raji was a good hostess providing us with food.
every time sarah thought she was about to win, she didn't, which was rather hilar' and she made a noise everytime she put a card down.
Mala said Raji's cat looks like a cow,
but in a cute way.
Then Raji's mother made fairy cakes and we decorated them. The ones i decorated for my family melted on the way home and fell on the floor. not good :(
Thank you Raji!
Charly needs to be there at next Uno club day!

Hopefully i'll sleep well tonight.
I really want to see Inception tomorrow with Pepe but i duno whether i'll have the energy to go to london :/
ah we'll see.

sorry this is such a lame post, i can't be bothered to make it interesting of humorous, too tired.


  1. This is nooot a lame post, I got mentioned brez times :D That alone makes it rather epic
    I hopes you had fun
    And I'm sorry you're so ill, gets better!

  2. HAHHA i said that too!! Humby is a little cow!

  3. you forgot about you failing BOP IT!