Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My WWF order came today!

for a nature-friendly charity, they sure do use a lot of packaging!
I thought the pack of 3 wristbands were going to be 3 different ones but they're the same, so who wants one?
Say hello to my awesome panda t-shirt, Mia jumped into the picture just as it was been taken.
Then Mia jumped in the box.


  1. LOLZ. Miaaaaaa <3.
    I wubbbbbbbalubb this tshirt && le bands!!

  2. o that mia always wantin the lime light EH ;)..lol looks like the panda is lookin at mia gopin "OI you, yes you, im talkin 2 u m8 MOVE BETCH go get on yah bike!"

    OOO! can i hav a band please hehe ? XD

    AWW at da miaa who de mia who likes to jump in cardboard boxes MIA THE MIA, he gna b a brave kitty at the vets 2mo yes he is :) *pats*

  3. o and their white bands XD LOL

  4. Awwww Mia!! What an adorable little rascal :P

    The stuffs looks tre cool
    <3 Panda & The bands