Tuesday, 7 September 2010

First day at Chelsea College of Art went...okay.
not okay in a bad way, just okay. I was too nervous at first but i got my enrollment over and done with then went to class.
I think I'll start enjoying it more once I get out of the A-Level mindset and into the Foundation state of thinking. It just seemed like everyone else in the class were so self-assured and knew what they were doing and they all had their own style of drawing and were really good and then there's you not quite knowing.
I like the freedom we get, it's just so different from A-level.
Just need to get in the swing of it (:

I'm glad Mala was there though! I did speak to a few people from my class but I would've liked to spoken to more, i guess Freshers Festival on Wednesday is for that, but when i saw Mala in the lecture room i was like YAAYFRENZ.
ahaha, so sad.

Now I have a project to do today that I don't fully understand. woop!


  1. Awww
    It will get better, once you become more used to the surroundings
    You're so lucky that you had Mala there
    I'm sure everybody feels the same as you do

  2. glad u had a good day

    yeah it'll take some getting used to
    but it'll be better :)

    and I'm sure no one knew what they were doing
    and that they thought you did lol