Sunday, 5 September 2010

For the first time after so many years of going to Cyprus, i actually really miss it.
I miss walking down to breakfast and saying good morning (in Turkish, obviously) to all the regular guests and waiters and everyone.
I miss my early morning swim and snorkeling alone.
I miss saying hi to the beach bar guys and high-fiving the slightly crazy old singing man.
I miss playing volleyball with my mum and actually having the time to read my books.
I miss getting ready after coming back from the beach just chilling in the hotel room listening to French rap.
I miss actually being able to see the stars.
Basically i miss the bubble. The bubble of the hotel, when that's your world. Hard to explain.

Anyway tomorrow i start art college, I'm quite scared & worried, especially as i have to enrol as well, but whatever happens, happens. I'm sure this year will be pretty awesome.


  1. spend the summer there one year :)

    and french rap is frickin' awesome :D

    it will be awesome
    dw :)

    and yeah what happens happens
    good way to look at it :)

  2. Ooh it sounds so lovely

    Don't worry about tomorrow, you'll be amazing!!