Friday, 22 October 2010

My Chemical Romance

Ok, i know the title would already turn some of you guys off and away in disgust so if you're still reading this, pat yourself on the back.
there you go!
Anyway, the other day when doing some work for college at home and after saying bye to Pepe who is now in New York (lucky!) I decided to listen to an old album. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge to be exact. I actually have it still on my mp3 but just kind of automatically skip the songs. Anyway, it got me all nostalgic and how effing awesome it was back in the day.
When we look back, well, when i look back, it's like;
  • o.m.g why did i wear that
  • o.m.g what was up with my hair
  • o.m.g i actually liked them?!
  • o.m.g i was such a fangirl
And i know loads of people absolutely hate MCR and all like 'THEY SO EMO YO' and stuff and fair enough, but it was just so so awesome to listen to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge again. It reminded me of how obsessed Lauren and I were about them and how much i absolutely loved Gerard Way and how Charly and me were singing Hang 'em High on the coach to Weymouth and everything.
I remember when I first got their album, sadly i got into Black Parade first and then listened to Three Cheers & I Bought you Bullets, which is funny cos Black Parade is now my least favourite and i haven't heard it in a while but probably most nostalgic.
If you're bored then sorry but ima keep going and tell you the story.
So, Lauren and I were off to Canary Wharf to go ice skating in a little outside skating rink in between all the sky scrapers. It was winter, almost Christmas so it was a really nice bitter cold and everything was kind of shades of pale blues and silvers and stuff. There was this photographer taking photos of a model with an amazing hairstyle too, next to the rink. Anyway we went ice skating - I made my way round clinging for dear life on the side railings. Obviously cool. After that, we met up with Lauren's step dad and went to the shopping mall bit near canary wharf station, everyone was in their winter coats and the christmas trees and decorations were up and then we went into hmv and i bought The Black Parade. The shop assistant gave me a weird look which to this day I don't know what it meant. Then we went to Starbucks and had hot chocolate and opened the album and got excited and everything. Then (by now it was pretty much dark outside) Lauren's step dad took us up to where he worked, in one of the sky scrapers and we got these awesome visitor cards and went in this awesome posh lift and visited his office where the glass windows were huge and you could see the almost the whole of london (slight exaggeration). The city lights were so beautiful and everything was so awesome and i remember seeing this giant inflatable santa and the city is just so amazing at night.
Then we made our way home.
Sorry, I'm not the best story-teller, but anyway, MCR have a new album out (soon, i dunno whether it's already out?) and i've only heard that nananananananana song which is not great at all so i doubt ima get it. Although i am quite liking their new look and Gerard's red hair.
i just can't believe some kids are still embracing the 'emo' phase, thats was like over 2 years ago!
that is all.


  1. BLUD
    I'm sure mikey is still beautiful even if he is blonde.

  2. MCR are good times, i had a reminising thing after listening to the pussycat dolls

  3. i still listen to 3 cheers
    i think the songs are good
    black parade however, was when i totally went off them lol