Thursday, 28 October 2010

so apparently i’m more design-related when it comes down to my work, which is interesting as i thought i was fine art, but i don’t mind. Before i thought working to a brief would always be too restrictive but my tutor said you can always make it work for you and i guess a design-based subject would have a better result in jobs after uni. She also said that in fine art you run the risk of being too self-indulgent which i understand. I enjoyed both Fashion/Textiles and VisCom so now the decisions is what one to pick out of them…

Hopefully i’ll be clearer after assessment when the tutor looks at all of our work over the past 8 weeks and tells us what they think we’re most suited too.


  1. its funny how u change your mind at uni
    im finding the same sorta thing

  2. I think - knowing you - whatever you do you'll be able to put your own twist on it an make it suit you

  3. thats v interesting, i thoguht out of every1 you would def be fine art based :S hmm