Tuesday, 5 October 2010

To Wolfwak (including Charly, just incase you didn't know):
i miss your geekery and foolishness and canteen time and movie moments and random bursts of excitement and GREENMANNN and oh yeahhh's and our trips out to bournemouth and paris or wherever we went and the laughter and everything basically.
we should meet up again soon,

i'm terrible at being sentimental so this as lovey as you're gonna get from me, soak it up.


  1. im in love
    proper love
    thats the most sentimental ive felt.

  2. wait! let me go fetch my sponge! XD

    awwww!! smuchkinss hehe :)that was lovly

    I missing THE WOLVES too!!! :O

    i havnt used my MaN voice in a few donkey years WHATS THE WORLD COMING TOO EH.

  3. I miss the wolves so so much

    You better all make yourselves free for my birthday
    Pack gathering!

  4. i don't miss you that much cause i see your face more or less every morning!

    but yes i am missing you wolves! x x