Monday, 17 January 2011

Update Shmupdate

Currently feeling pessimistic because I did loads of work over the weekend but now i have to change my colour palette and buy fabrics and materials of certain textures and weights and everybody seems to know a lot about materials because they learnt it all in GCSE or A-Level but I never got properly taught about them, I just had to kind of learn on the way and ask as I went along. And everybody seems to know what they're doing/how to do it and do it really well and make amazing things and basically I'm up against these people and more to get on a degree and I don't know howww it's gonna happen.
Hello creeping shadow of self-doubt and self-criticising.
On the plus, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow which will hopefully make me feel better and fresh. I probably won't like it when I first get it cut because that always happens but whatevz. I might dye it too.
Tutorial on friday.
I still need to work into my old projects too and I haven't been to any galleries so I'll be out most of wednesday.
I'm tired and all i want to do is watch The Beach and lose myself in verisimilitude but I don't have the time.


  1. You're better than all of those biatchezzz and you dont need me to tell you that
    Kick ass home boy

  2. LOL ^ exaclty rajis comment !

    I didnt see you hair properly be the train went woosh quickly and i just saw curls and red scarf and WENT I NO THAT DOOSH BAG!

    I really thought you painted those pics! (see what we mean YOUR THAT INCREDIBLE) so was getting prepard to go find a small bridge again LOL.

    more intenally its true. You didnt get taught any basic whys/hows/what on did that all your own back, which were all proud off :).. im sure as you keep progressin you will evenatally get to no what is what :)