Tuesday, 8 February 2011


But it's only like a 2 day delay from the weekend, right?
Anyway I have been real busy and stressed and upset and happy and confused and worried and that's all in a week.
I had my portfolio review last Thursday at London College of Fashion (They only emailed us a week before) so I went there, then I got through to interview stage which I was genuinely shocked about but happy. Although, I think I may have messed up my interview. When I went in the room, everything left my head and I was so nervous but whatever, there's nothing I can do now so I'll just take it as experience. I've got Bucks New Interview Next week, Chelsea portfolio review the week after, and Central St Martins review the week beginning in March.
I also have to write my statement of Intent and think of an idea for my Final Major Project for next Monday and I've got an idea but I need to research it more as I don't know whether there will be enough in it to last me 6 weeks.

I've finished reading Watchmen (finally!) and it's Uh-mah-zing. The film, not so
much. Now I'm reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac which is apparently going to be made into a film by Francis Ford Coppola (the director of The Godfather part 1 & 2 just incase you didn't know, but you should've) which will no doubt be amazing even though it has Kristen Stewart in.

my house is making funny noises and i'm still in my pyjamas.

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