Saturday, 21 May 2011

My sole purpose in life is not to be average and grow up to have a 9-5 job and work solely to pay off my taxes and spend my time worrying about those such things but this is what happens to most adults so do they just forget their 'rebellious' teenage thoughts and dreams and accept that this is life, or is it just easier to fit into a society that has created roles like these for us, or as we grow up do we realize that these are just dreams and thoughts of a teenage mind?
I hope not because I want to trek through jungles and meet Aboriginal tribes and go on an American Roadtrip and travel around Europe in a VW van and have time to lie on a car bonnet and enjoy the stars and just see the world and save the animals and take photos of things that none of the other tourists take photos of and live a life worthy of movie-character-life potential and loads of other things because I can't think of much worse than living and dying on a planet like ours and not enjoy it and explore it to it's full capacity.
My sole purpose in life is not to be average but I'm worried that it will be and I realize that it will probably be quite difficult to break out of the 'mold' but I hope I do.
Apologies for my lack of punctuation but this is just a rambling for my mind so I just type as it comes to me. Haters gonna hate.


  1. Im in love with your ramblings!! :)

    My dream is your dream. (ok that sounds slightly ;) but o you no LOL)

    I no plently of people say that there gna do this and that.. but were not just ANY1 were stick to our guns and GO EXPLORE! :D cos i cant frikin wait see the world!!...and have adventures and stories to tell my rabbits when i get home :D


    Put it there bro *spits*

  2. You're taking me with you
    This is exactly how i feel about everything
    I've nominated you for an award
    come claim and ting

  3. i know what you mean
    i feel like i might be 30 and achieved nothing just think "this is life" but lets fight it!

  4. I love you. I hope there is a zombie apocolypse and we can show our true potential.

  5. same sames!!! working 9-5 just doesn't feel right!
    way too boring for girls like us :)

  6. Same, but its weird that we're already all nearly done with our teens and it feels like times running out.