Saturday, 4 June 2011


So I've been making hair bows to sell at my mum's school summer fete, during winter I sold a few and made like £80 which isn't too bad, also one of our friends said she'll take some into her work place etc. Some are hairbands, some are clips. As I'll be selling them mostly to school children at the fete, I tried to 'cater' for children with a few, hence lots of pink (I don't like the idea of girls = pink, boys = blue but hey i need the money). These photos were taken a while ago, I've made like over 50 now and my fingertips aren't very grateful ( I'm like the serial killer in Se7en when he has no fingertip skin). I'll upload the more recent photos sometime soon because they're all pretty different.


  1. Theyre pretty sexy ya know. Get one kid to buy em and the others will folow, thats the only knowledge i have of tiny humans

  2. All in Honestey they are beautyfully made :)..AND I LOVE THE PINK ONES HEHE :D and the blue ones tooo ..hey im all boy and girl

  3. You can now be known at 'the crazy bow lady now'..or wud you still prefer 'the crazy cat lady'? hmm

  4. Oh my gosh
    These are freaking amazing
    Loves loves loves

  5. awesomess
    do u still need help selling?