Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lately I've seen lots of these kind of photo glass necklaces, and I really wanted some like the ones from Flamingo Cupcake's etsy and Mandaroux's etsy. It's roughly about £10 for a necklace and that doesn't include shipping from the US, although all the etsy shops I looked at didn't even ship to the UK anyway. So I researched how to make them, ordered the equipment (it's not much, all you need are the pieces of glass, diamond glaze & a special type of superglue) which came to £20, and made a few:(Duckie from Pretty in Pink, I added a bit of lace but you can't really see it, Carlton Banks, and Veronica & JD from Heathers)

(James Franco as Daniel Desario from Freaks & Geeks)


  1. these are cool
    i could never make anything like that

  2. You've wanted these for ages!