Thursday, 25 August 2011

Batman Live

Yesterday Mala and I went to the opening night of Batman Live, the World Arena Tour. It was amazing! We were at the front so, as Mala said, the clowns would jump out in front of us, Mala got given a circus leaflet that only a few were given, and loaaads of batman confetti fell on us. Being the scavenging-trampy-art-students that we are, we picked loads up off the floor and stuffed it in our bags. Yes, we seemed to be the only ones.
Anyway, visually it was stunning. The set design, the costume design, the acrobatics and the magic tricks - all were incredible. I'm a very visual person so all of it inspired me quite a lot to get creating or something. Other little things I liked was how they incorporated the comic/graphic novel imagery on the screen and also how they didn't make it too child-friendly, some bits were pretty creepy like the scene in Arkham Asylum, they had extremely creepy looking dummies in stray jackets hanging on chains all around the stage. Creepy but so perfect, because that's one of the things I like about Batman more so than Spiderman or Superman, there's more of a psychotic element to it, the villains are all a bit more mentally unstable, and it's darker - which is one of the reasons Christopher Nolan's films are so good, they capture the darkness of the story and the characters.
Oh also the cast were incredibly talented!
here's a quick photos Mala took of the some of the stage before it started. People were taking photos throughout but I we decided not to, even though it would have been pretty cool, you end up worrying and caring about getting good photos than actually enjoying the story and the show - like at gigs.
Also it was adorable seeing little kids in capes and masks and running around and fighting with no-one, just air, pretending they were batman. That feeling of being a kid and wanting to be a superhero and it actually feeling possible makes you feel pretty indestructible.

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  1. INCREDIBLE :0 glad you both had a greattt timeee there looks wicked ;)