Monday, 28 November 2011

On Thursday I went to see Yuck @ the Electric Ballroom with Kelsey and Vanessa. Yuck were incredible, they're amazing. You can tell when they play how much they enjoy it and how much they mean it, they even played Rubber at the end which was a perfect finish and they just put so much emotion into it. The only (when I say only, I mean ONLY) bad thing was that they didn't play Coconut Bible or Automatic but that doesn't matter because I love them too much. I can't be bothered with a perfectly eloquent account of each song other than they were all amazing. I also realised I have a thing for bands that don't look alike - y'know how a lot of band members have the same kind of hair/look etc. I seem to always really like bands that look very odd, like Yuck.
Anyway, here's some music:

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