Sunday, 12 February 2012

lyf etc

Ok so I think I will put in an application for the erasmus exchange thing to go to Finland. I was in two minds for a while, well, I still am. You get a 'grant' for erasmus (if you go to study in the EU), America is like £8000+++, even though I would love to go to NY, that just ain't gonna happen. But this is what it says on the site:

"Each year the University of the Arts London receives a limited amount of funding from the European Commission (EC) to finance Erasmus activities. UAL students may be eligible (subject to availability of funds) to apply for an ERASMUS grant.
There is no guarantee of payment or automatic entitlement to a grant and there maybe situations in which the funding will not be available. However if this is the case you will be informed of this when you submit your application which will give you ample time to make other financial arrangements or withdraw from the programme."

I made bold the bits that are, y'know, PRETTY IMPORTANT YET PRETTY DAMN VAGUE.

Also it doesn't cover everything so I would still need quite a bit of money for materials/travel/probably food etc. And I'm not thaaat keen on the course, I much prefer studying at Chelsea but the girl who went last year said it's in English which is good, but it's a totally different experience which is what I like about it - like a small town nothing like London. As for the other countries - France - it's all in French, soz but I didn't pay attention to everything Mr Cloarec said in those classes, Germany - it's in German, which isn't too bad because I find German easier than French but still, for 3 months hmmm, Sweden - Sweden would be 2nd on my list, apparently they speak a lot of English aaand it's really cool there & they have an ABBA museum but living is expensive there also they start fairly early in August I think.
So I'll just put my application in, if I get it I can make my mind up then, If I don't then I won't be too down about it because I'll go to Reading Fest instead. But I was just wandering, if I do get it and the grant stuff is ok, would I really want to take it? would I want to fill in loads of forms and paperwork while I'm studying here and then go study in a different country for 3 months or do I just want to use the money to travel around, staying in different places & go to Reading? All the students who went on the exchanges last year said it was an amazing experience but I'm not sure if they have loads of moneyzzzz. Whatever. I'll just decide later. BUT STUDENT FINANCE WANT ME TO DECIDE 'IMMEDIATELY', and if I don't go to Finland, I need to find someone to rent a flat with me because my friend might be going to America and student finance want to know if im staying at homeee or not. gosh, man. Sorry, this is more of a stream of consciousness.
Who is up for going to Bruges?


  1. LULZ Mr Cloarec was actually the best.
    This sounds incredible, can I come with you?

  2. Mr Cloarec was awesome! He taught me everything I know in life! && showed me a cool French band
    life keeps coming for us doesn't it? But are we ready??
    This sounds awesome but I know why you're having doubts. It's scary. I'm having same thoughts bout Camp America