Friday, 6 July 2012

bitches love cushions

Summer is usually an expensive time for me because there are loads of birthdays to pay out for but the best thing to do (especially if you have no idea what to buy for yer homies) is to make presents. So I made CUSHIONS. EVERYBODY LOVES CUSHIONS. For my brother's I did a few pen drawings of my cat and then painted them onto fabric (the picture above is just a photocopy of the drawings, I'll upload a pic of the actual cushion later). For Mala's, I was debating whether to do a Dazed and Confused one or a Waynes World one. If I had time I would've liked to have done both but whatevs (next year Lal). I settled with Slater from D&C. The hands aren't great but whatever, neither is life sometimes y'know? Deep. And finally, for Sarz, I made a Stand By Me one with our favourite line and some nice crochet/lace trimming (the trimming didn't really go with Mala's hence why it is without). All are hand-painted. I was debating whether to screen-print them but to be honest that probably would have taken longer. Anyway I'm pretty proud of them and it made me happy seeing their faces when they opened their presents. I like making things for people, like I also made a scary little Mia thing for Sarz (soz for the nightmares in advance) and a chill out playlist for Lal. As I said to Lal, making things/creating things gives me a sense of control in a world full of chaos. [quote originally stolen from Clueless ofc]


  1. Omg omg please make me a black cat one??? I'll pay you obv.

  2. awwwwwwwwwww i love you yasmin :')

  3. o btw my mum also asked the other day, if u would mke her a cushion with a painted flower on or somthing ovb she pay you x