Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cyprus pt.1

 Sunrise on the way to Heathrow

 The Matrix

 The second week we stayed in a different hotel which was aesthetically like a cliche of paradise on one side with golden sand and turquoise water but on the other side was a ghost town of old hotels and apartments not used since the fighting in the 70's, I've taken more 'creative' photos for my project but here's one to show you kind of what it's like. It's not just the buildings in the foreground but also the ones all the way down to the end towards the left of the photo - all empty buildings guarded by the army & the U.N. You're actually not allowed to take photos for some reason, and they have an army guy there all day to keep watch so I couldn't take close ones that I would've liked to but I took lots of other sneaky ones. I guess a lot of people would find them unsightly but I really liked them & couldn't stop looking at them. If you want to find out more just google 'ghost town of Famagusta'.

 One night they did this outdoor movie showing on the beach which looked super cool but the film didn't seem very good and there are a million mosquitos around at night so we thought nah we'll leave it.

 A bat! On the last day my mum got talking to this couple who were staying in a room on the end of the hotel and the guy said that at 3 in the morning he heard a noise outside so he went outside and turned to light on and there were literally hundreds of bats all flying about (TOTES LIKE BATMAN BEGINS).
A pretty moonstone necklace I bought that obviously has magical powers.

You can see lots more if you click here.
Also I still have to get 2 underwater cameras developed so there'll be more coming soon!

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