Sunday, 5 August 2012

Trying to find a good place online to showcase your work is quite difficult because every platform has pros and cons but as this has turned into a more personal account full of mobile pic diaries & stuff, I wanted a seperate place for my photography/collages/sketchbook work etc. I have my uni blog with my uni work in here, and I have flickr which I'll still use, it's just getting annoying that it hides your old stuff when upload new photos and I don't want to pay for a pro account. So I've created a new tumblr for the ~*~creative stuff~*~ I get up to in my own time. There's not much there at the moment and it's a mixture of old and new photographs/sketchbook work etc. I was debating whether to make a new blogspot or tumblr but I just find tumblr easier to set out and upload things to. (this doesn't mean I won't keep this one updated with random photographs by the way!)

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  1. Very interesting yaz :) i really like it. Can you add text in to describe your work on tumblr atall? cos thats what im looking for. I think you mentioned this before but im not sure wht u said :P but its all looking fantstic KEEP UP THE BRILL WORK BRO! xxx