Friday, 4 January 2013

Woah I haven't posted here in ages! Well last term was very busy and it's just easier sometimes to tumblr from my phone rather than blogspot but I want to do less tumblin' this year and devote my time to creativity, which I know I do anyway but more, like in my spare time do more (non-uni related) drawing or film stuff rather than go on the computer, y'know? I want to try and get an internship in easter or a job and go out more often and just try and not be so passive about things. But I still want to keep this blog up (I know I have a few months worth of pictures to catch up on) so I will still try to do that.
Saying that, this month will be very busy at uni as we're showcasing our work in Paris in Feb and only have about a month to work on the project !!

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