Wednesday, 26 August 2009

on holiday

i befriended an old man on the aeroplane, no, two old men (WIN!)
i befriended a dog, who i named Dog.
i took pictures of a wasteland, supposedly meant to be a beach.
we got a transfer because the new hotel was rather crap.
we crotched at denizkizi.
we were reunited with Anil and Alvin and Kadderz.
i got brown.
i realised my feet resembled monster munch crisps.
i got browner.
i unintentionally broke the heart of a 27 year old guy (i know it shouldn't, but this makes me a tad happy seen as Brandon Flowers is around the same age [win?]), he also consequently broke a lot of plates.
i sat on the beach while it rained.
i befriended a guy who does decorating around gidea park, we called him Rainman.
we saw orange guy work real hard.
i watched shooting stars.
we drove through the mountains at sunset.
we saw stuart the cat again, who turned out to be a girl and now has two kittens.
i swam.
we became friends with pretty much everyone.
i drew an old lady, seeing the drawing a waiter we named Starman wanted his portrait done - he said he would pay. So i drew his face from a photo i took - realistically. turns out he didn't like it because he's a vain douchebag who thinks he's better looking than he actually is and expected me to draw him looking like a model - not to mention he doesn't appreciate art so, like, whatevz.
anyway, i gave the drawing of the old lady to her and she loved it.
we got terrorized by wasps.
i realised i want a russian friend.
we saw an angry frenchman.
i got brownerer.
we watched Red Eye, Shrek 1 & 2, Chicken Little and the end of Night at the Museum all dubbed in turkish.

i'll upload the pics later - my camera is still in the suitcase!

& i need a haircut.


  1. WOW
    Actually sounds like the most amazing holiday :)

  2. ..and shessss back in town!yaay

    loool sounds like you ad a blast! :D