Wednesday, 16 June 2010

So, a bit less than half-way i stopped reading 'The Backpacker' as it was practically a not-as-good rip-off of 'The Beach' and started reading 'A Picture of Dorian Gray' which is rather charming so far! I'm enjoying it very much, and currently typing this in a splendid posh Victorian voice in my head old chaps.
Next on the list will be 'Fight Club' or something else by Chuck Palahniuk


  1. Please please read Memoirs Of A Geisha.
    It's my favourite book ever, you will slaughter it :(.

  2. okok that will also be next on my list! i want a load of new books to read so any suggestions will be helpful (:

  3. likin the accent in head ;)

  4. please please please can I borrow the Picture of Dorian Gray!
    I've been trying to find it everywhere!