Wednesday, 16 June 2010

So I finally watched Fight Club

I've been wanting to for ages, we even rented it on Lovefilm then my mum found out it was an 18 and had violence in and sent it back.
even though i had seen Trainspotting, Wanted and a load of other 18's/violent films. I know, right? but it's cute because she doesn't want me to be corrupted n'all :)
anyway, i borrowed Fight Club from Raji and watched it today, it's awesome. Like, really really good. Normally I guess the ending but I couldn't with this. Another reason to love David Fincher.
Also, when Mala and I were making our thriller opening sequence for Media, after Philly saw our ideas he asked whether we had seen Fight Club because it's a lot like it, but not really, but yeah it is. Mala, when you watch Fight Club, you'll see & understand how much it's like our story!
I was thinking about reading the book before I saw the film but then decided not to, but now i really wanna read it - even though i know the ending.
I should really stop reading the books after i watch the adapted films.
ah well.

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