Thursday, 23 December 2010

After le Christmas I'll do a review of the best (and worst) films/books/music i've seen/read/heard this year.
One of my overseas friends from art college who is from Japan isn't going back home for Christmas whilst all her flatmates are; so we invited her round here as it's probably not very nice to be alone at Christmas especially in a different country.
I do like it just being us (parents, brother, cat, me) on Christmas day but it's nice to do something nice, especially as 'tis the season of giving'!
Anyway, here's a picture of pre-cone Mia:


  1. That is a nice thing, with the whole invitational. Also very american sitcom :)
    Looking forward to the reviews/overviews. Do love opinions and whatnot
    Also loved your gingerbread house....Yum

  2. That's so cute of you!!
    I've just written a million reviews for publishing :'(.
    Beautiful mia <3.