Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A couple of days ago i felt a lump underneath Mia's tummy, right next to his leg. My parents took him straight to the vet where she said it was an abscess that may have been caused when fighting/playing with another cat. She said that when the other cat scratched Mia, a bit of the nail could've got stuck inside the cut and caused infection. So he had to stay there for a couple of hours in surgery then we picked him up. His wound still had to leak a bit of yuck out so we've been having to dab his wound with tissue and make sure it doesn't scab. And once again, the cone of shame is back.
Poor Mia. He's getting better though and getting lots of attention and biscuit treats! He should be getting his stitches out and cone off on the 30th, and we can only let him about twice a day for the toilet, but every time he bends his head down outside, he picks up snow in his cone!
Here's Mia's Christmas present to you guys:


  1. noo wayy! again :O aww mia you little thing, you do get your self in some stitches get well soon xx

  2. Aww the poor baba!
    What a horrible thing to happen at christmas!

    Once, my mum felt a lump on humby's chest
    We asked the vet what it was
    The vet told us it was his "nipple"

    Best get well soon wishes from us and Humby to Mia