Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I told you I'm obsessed with continuous line. I like drawing interesting people from my Fresh Fruits book which I've had since I dunno... early high school. I love Japanese street style.
lol at how much my drawing style has changed within a year.


  1. This is so cool
    Your drawings are amazing
    I want one of just me

  2. (awsome shizz dude, awsome shizz.) I liek the way the paper looks when its snanned! loks all cringlyyy and wet, kinda, light! and centrerivsed with a BANG!

    I think you should do a HUGE drawing of my face for my birthday..with unberliable imangation ;)..and add a touch of glitter too :O to bring out my cheecky cheeky smileeee XD