Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding

I know this post is late like Sarah OB's but it has to be done. I actually really enjoyed it, which might be hypocritcal because I was a bit skeptic in the beginning but that mostly because it was annoying hearing about whether Kate will wear her hair up or down blah blah blah ALL THE TIME.
But on the day it was actually quite exciting and I felt proud to be part of the country that put it on. Will & Harry looked rather dapper and it was all like awwhh cos they were all dressed up smart. The Queen was like a cute little yellow duck. And kudos to Kate for choosing Sarah Burton for Alexander Mcqueen because her dress was a beaut.
I know my drawings look like monsters but at the moment I'm obsessed with continuous line so this is what you get - plus the ink ran on the Will & Kate one. The Queen drawing I did without looking at the page (until the last 30 seconds, WATCHA GONNA DO).


  1. lol i know what you mean about all the gossip and BLAH about the wedding (even i, i I !) was sick of it LOL) just feel sorry for them but i think its great how they just laugh about it - their kool royals ;) ..and yed they were rather dashing *cough HARRY! *dribble..aw and the queen did look like a duck LOL, like the yellow duck you find in the childrens books! XD..me want that dress, go make it for me yaz! ;) but with a touch of yasmin!

    I am very much like all these continuis line drawings of yours, there neato! LOL @ the lil girl hahaha, she was awsome.

  2. i really like these
    yeah the queen did look cute
    and I loved Kate's dress
    i think the drawing of Edwards daughter is very cute and looks really like her

  3. Firstly, I <3 the Queen :)

    Secondly, these are amazing and will be worth a mizilions one day, it's fantastic that you have your own hand drawn little memento's to remember the day by