Friday, 9 September 2011

I got this old old old copy of Treasure Island at the vintage/antiques market at Spitalfield market for ONE POUND. There was also a Swedish dictionary in the £1 bit that Kelsey and I debated on getting and decided we probably wouldn't use it seen as we don't plan on going to Sweden any time soon and we don't know anyone who speaks it. Although in heinsight it would've been useful to take to IKEA.
And I found these old letter beads that I didn't use when I was like 10 or something so I made a bracelet out of them. Instead of saying ~~slut~~ or ~~u suk~~ like a lot of the beaded bracelets that people are making on the Tumblr-sphere, I decided to spell out one of my favourite quotes - 'I like it because it's ugly' from On the Road. It was then I realised I didn't have any A's, Y's or enough E's & S's.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the book! I got an old copy of shakespeares tragedies for £3 in Bath and I lovessss it xx

  2. WOOOOOW i soo want to see your treasure island bk :O £1 thats nuts- love oldy-fied books hehe :D

    and nice braclet, i no watcha mean about all the bracelts around :| y go around with somthing sayin 'slut'?..pfft YOURS IS AWSOME xx