Friday, 9 September 2011


I decided to tie-dye some of my clothes. I was originally just going to do just one t-shirt & some white socks but I got carried away so I also did this other top I cut up and this dress that makes me look preggerz. I didn't measure anything exactly because I didn't use up the whole packets of dye and I couldn't be bothered with working out the new measurements and water:dye:salt ratios because I get impatient with these things & just want to get stuck in. So the colours didn't come out as bright as I originally intended (like they look real nice & bright hanging on the washing line when they're wet) but then you have to rinse out the excess dye and let them dry and they're kind of almost pastel shades now, but still yummy & colourful and I love them.


  1. i think the socks are the best

  2. love the photo above here!!!..and OMG i know wht you mean about those kinda dresses :| twas gna wear my white dress today (SO HOT) but look pregerz :|

    AND exaclty pfft how can tie die be voted worst fashion? well mayb in a chav mag as they ovb are plain twat asses.:)